Catalysed Diesel
Particulate Filter (cDPF)

The ecotrap + can be supplied as a coated wallflow diesel particulate filter (DPF) with or without a diesel oxidation catalyst, dependent upon the engine usage, duty cycle and consequent exhaust temperatures.

  • Lowest whole life fleet costs
  • On-site fitting available across the UK and overseas
  • Bespoke designed systems for any on and off road diesel engine application

Uniquely as a retrofit DPF, the ecotrap + features a silicon carbide (SIC) Wallflow 'closed' filter substrate which forces the exhaust gases through a porous filter wall, whilst capturing soot particles within the filter (which cannot then pass into the exhaust outlet).

The SIC substrate which is coated in a precious metal coating draws oxygen molecules to its surface and then oxidises (ie combusts) the trapped soot particles passively at temperatures as low as 250 degrees celsius. Addition of a DOC can reduce the temperature of passive regeneration even further.

Once combusted, the soot particles turn to ash which need to be removed periodically by cleaning. As well as combusting the soot particles (PM10 and PM2.5) from within the exhaust the catalytic reaction which also takes place also converts the toxic CO and HC into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour.

The ecotrap + technology reduces CO, HC and Particulates by over 95%. The ecotrap filter is approved by TFL (for London LEZ use), VCA (for reduced road tax RPC) and EST (for use in the London NRMM low emission zone) and VERT (worldwide standard).

GreenUrban uses the silicon carbide substrate because it is inherently stronger and capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1,200°C rather than the traditional ceramic filter which is sometimes used that can only withstand temperatures of up to 800°C before it will crack or melt.

This is extremely important because if a diesel engine idles for long periods the soot particles are not combusted and they remain in the filter which becomes heavily loaded. Once the engine is then put under load the heavily loaded filter sees higher temperatures which may cause an "exothermic reaction" to take place that could irretrievably damage a ceramic filter, whereas the silicon carbide filter which is much more robust will remain intact.

The catalyst coating on both the DOC and the coated DPF oxidises the Carbon Mon-Oxides (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) into harmless CO2 and water vapour. It also changes the proportion of NO to NO2 which helps with the combustion of the soot particles trapped in the DPF (downstream of the DOC in the exhaust) allowing regeneration to take place at normal engine operating exhaust gas temperatures.
The system is manufactured using high grade stainless steel for durability and its modular construction is designed for ease of maintenance, allowing the filter to be easily removed for cleaning.

GreenUrban with its own in-house design and manufacturing capability are able to provide "bespoke" ecoTRAP DPF systems engineered to fit almost any vehicle/engine combination for a wide range of vehicle applications and power ratings.

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