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Our Unique Range of Services

GreenUrban offers a comprehensive maintenance service for modern exhaust systems, we can clean and return to working order most types and makes of Euro 4/4+/5 and 6 exhausts for a fraction of the replacement cost.

We take the time to ensure our customers get the very best from our exhaust cleaning and refurbishment division. From arranging collection, through the cleaning and repair process to the return of your piece of equipment, we are committed to providing the best quality of service in the quickest possible time.

What Makes Us Different?

Our aim is to keep your vehicles operating to optimum effect without it costing a large chunk of your Repair & Maintenance budget. Our expertise in the manufacture and installation of retro-fit exhaust systems and the equipment we use to facilitate this means we are ideally placed to clean the filter elements in complex exhaust systems.

Should it become necessary our large stock of high quality components means we can, where needed, replaced failed elements including all types of Metallic Substrate, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, Diesel Particulate Filters and Selective Catalytic Reduction filters quickly and cheaply with OEM quality components.

Extreme Clean / Refurbish
DPF Repair This unit was so heavily clogged with ash that standard DPF cleaning would have almost no effect. We refurbished the unit for less than half the cost of a replacement, including the same warranty that would be provided with new equipment.
  • Fast Turnaround Typically just two or three working days
  • Low Cost Typical saving of 50% or more on the cost of an OEM replacement
  • OEM Quality Parts As good or better than original equipment, guaranteed.
  • Collect and Return Service Included within the price if required
  • Open Customer Dialogue we keep you informed at every stage

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